Dub Trio is a dub/rock cross-over band from Brooklyn, New York.

Dub Trio is DP – Dave Holmes (Guitar & keyboards) Stu Brooks (Bass & keyboards) and Joe Tomino (drums & Melodica). With the addition of electronic, rock, punk and heavy metal, the group pays homage to King Tubby’s original dub style, while recreating studio trickery live on stage using various delay pedals, keyboards, and samplers.

While Tomino can add delay or loop effects to his own drums, each member of the band has the ability to “dub” the other via microphones on Tomino’s kit running to delay effects on both Holmes’ and Brooks’ pedal boards.

Dub Trio’s first recording with vocals, “Not Alone” with Mike Patton, was featured on both the group’s 2006 second record New Heavy and on Mike Patton’s 2006 album under the artist name Peeping Tom. The group also toured with Patton as his rhythm section during Peeping Tom’s 2006 US tour.

The third Dub Trio album, a live recording entitled Cool Out And Coexist recorded in Union Pool, Brooklyn, New York (19 February 2007 – 20 February 2007), was released in 2007.

All three albums were recorded and mixed by Joel Hamilton at Studio G Brooklyn with the exception of “Cool Out And Coexist” which was recorded by Marc Alan Goodman.

In the Summer of 2006, the band appeared on the cover of the first issue Beyond Race magazine.

In February 2009, Dub Trio opened for & toured with Matisyahu, they were also a supporting act during the show.

In fall of 2010, they released ‘III’ EP with three songs and planning to released ‘IV’ in spring 2011.

In Summer 2011, they toured with Matisyahu as his band.

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