This time we said down with Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique and asked them a few questions.

I´d rather look for inspiration in the past or in the future?

Robyn: I´m not a fan of nostalgia if that´s what you mean.

Markus Jägerstedt: The inspiration for this album for example came from just hanging out and listening to music together. We didn´t plan on forming a band.

I´d rather write lyrics or compose music?

Robyn: It´s different every time because songs come together differently every time. Sometimes it starts with the music, sometimes lyrics come first. The good thing is that we don´t have to choose because both of us write lyrics and compose music.

I´d rather work with a partner or on my own?

Robyn: I´d rather work on my own! Even though you never actually do because there are so many people involved in the process of working on a piece of music.

Markus: And that´s a good thing because you can gain so much from working with someone else and letting people into the creative process.

I´d rather keep my distance or jump right in?

Robyn: It´s a mix of both and it depends so much on the situation!

I´d rather imagine or experience?

Robyn: I´d rather experience, I think that´s all there is. Our imagination is very important but isn´t that an experience, too? I think the both are hard to seperate.

I´d rather search for freedom or safety?

Markus: It would be weird not to choose freedom.

Robyn: I think you need both. But safety without freedom is not possible.

I´d rather listen to heavy or gentle music?

Robyn: I listen to all kinds of music.

Markus: As long as you feel it in your body it doesn´t matter.

I´d rather choose words or actions?

Markus: I choose music over words (laughs).

I´d rather curse or pray?

Robyn: I´d definitely rather pray but i´m not religious. I think what we have here is enough and reality is complicated enough on its own.