“I am 31 years old now. I´ve lived out of my music since the summer of 2000. I have released six albums and played hundreds of gigs with more than 70 different band-constellations. Right now my backingband is The Captain And Me (www.thecaptainandme.com). I am recording my seventh album these days, together with Even Vaa from The Captain And Me. It will sound different than earlier. On this album I will mostly sing. Even is working with the arrangements right now. I will start joining in as the songs start to form. Of course I made the songs myself, I made 100 songs to choose from. It will be a strong album, hopefully my best so far. Now is the only time in my musical carreer that i dont have a label. So interested labels, please contact me. I´m sure I´ll get a couple though. I am confident when it comes to my songwriting. Now I will take a shower. After a cigarette, norwegian brand called “Pepperøe`s”.”. (31. August 2007)

Das schreibt Thomas Hansen über sich selbst. Thomas Hansen alias Saint Thomas starb am 10. September 2007 im Alter von 31 Jahren.