There are two different kinds of artists. One of them identify themselves with a certain sound and style, trying to perfect it without ever really change it. And there are artists who push the envelope, challenging and reinventing themselves to grow into some else. Alexander Dietz belongs to the second species. It´s the year of 1994 when Alexander started the alternative band Valve, which existed until 2005 before he joined the German modern metal stars Heaven Shall Burn on guitar. HSB conquered the German album charts with a stunning Top 10 position in 2010 with their latest album “Invictus” as well as the stages of some big festivals as a headliner and Alexander also established himself as a successful producer and studio engineer with his company Chemical Burn.

Now it´s time for a new facet of his talent , another outlet for incisive personal and private experiences he made along the way, which took shape in his new project ERODE, showcasing again that Alexander Dietz is nothing else than an artistic chameleon. ERODE´s tracks like “Overcome”, “Wither”, “Detect” or “Disengage” are growing and blooming out of the pitch black earth, somewhere between dark ambient, minimal electro, industrial and intimidating sounds, hijacking you into your own day dreams, visions and chasms.

The beautiful album artwork was done by Colin Marks (Rain Song Design), who already worked for Nevermore, Whitechapel, Strapping Young Lad, etc. Of course there is no room for any kind of compromise, when it comes to the sound of the album: all songs were written, recorded and produced by Alexander Dietz with additional creative input and craft by electro legend Mike Cadoo (Bitcrush, Dryft, Gridlock).

ERODE is the world behind the mirror. It exists.

(Quelle: Erode Homepage, July 2011)